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Home Minister`s Visit

          The Home Minister of Arunachal Pradesh Sri. Kumar wai visited our school on 05/02/17 evening at 4.30PM. Sri. Maga Tasso, the alumni of VKV , delivered a brief speech about how VKV Raga started  its nation building process at Raga. He even made it clear that the Ex VKV ian forum donated their one month salary for the beginning of this school. In short but gentle words the Minister reminded the need of school in a place for developments. He appreciated the work of teachers those who made Arunachal on the path of development. He asked the dignitaries to contribute money for bringing up schools in place of spending in church and temples. He also accepted the demand of upgrading our school up to class X. He assured that he would do all types of help for the betterment of VKV Raga. He  announced 20 Solar lights and 2 colour TV s for our school. After his speech Principal,VKV Raga extended his thanks for his maiden visit and assured that school would follow his inspiring words  and work for making Arunachal a great state. Token love was also given to three most important dignitaries who visited our school.

            The people who viited our school were Sri. Kumar Waii, Honourble Minister,Sri. Tamar Murtem, Honourable MLA,Sri. Millo Kojin, ADC- Raga, Sri. Maga Tasso, Smt. Maga Mala-ZPM, Engineers from various departments, District Medical Officer, Medical Officer from Raga Dr. Kime Sunia etc.