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Sri. Abhijit Khapreji Visit - VKV Roing
His lecture was on the topic Opportunities in Armed forces. He started with how to crack NDA. He told about his dream. One has to dream of his/her own and try to reach that goal by hard work.Your friends and others may criticise you Do not think about their criticism. Once we achieve to reach the goal, do not think back and repent. Stand firm on your decision. His health was poor when he got selected for NDA. He improved his health in academy only. Hence he advised the students to study well. He could visit the entire world. Explored new avenues in the ocean. He also motivated girls to join Indian Navy. Also  he answered the questions posed by the children.
His tough question was from Kr.Nongphan Hondik. Have you ever repented for your Navy career ?. His answer was. Definitely not because it was my choice to join Navy.