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Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Changlang

CHANGLANG School, started in 2010. It is a co-educational non-residential school meant for day scholars. School is located at the Headquarter of CHANGLANG District of Arunachal Pradesh. This school is at present up to Middle Level and likely to be upgraded in future. School is having   Boys and   Girls from class I to VIII.

The name “CHANGLANG” is derived from the local word ‘CHANGLANGKAN’ meaning a hill – top where people discovered the poisonous herb that is used for poisoning fish in the river. The “TIRAP” River is passing through the heart of the town. The Changlang district is situated in a unique geographical setting bounded in the East and South by Myanmar.  As per the 2011 Census the population of CHANGLANG is 14641. Its altitude is 580 meters above sea level and temperature varies from 37°C to 5°C.

As far religion is concerned, each tribe has its own traditional religious belief and practices. The TANGSAS and TUTSAS belief in existence of a supreme being called ‘RANGFRAH’. Besides they also believe in a number of deities and spirits. However recently many of them have come under the influence of Christianity and Buddhism. The main occupation of the indigenous people is agriculture and allied activities. They also rear domestic animals like Cattle, Pig, Goats and Poultry birds. 

This school mostly serves the local TANGSA & TUTSA community.