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Utsarg Samaroh - VKV sher



The event was started at 4.30 pm on 01/02/2018. Prof.Kanan Sebak Khandayat Ray,H.O.D. English, North Laxmipur Girls college lighted the lamp. The principal of the school welcomed all. The importance of ‘Utsarg’ was told by Sri Sanjay Karkare, Banprashsthi karyakarta of Vivekananda Kendra.

The 1st Hari Om session was taken by Prof.Khandayat Ray. He told about the secrets of Personality development. He narrated 10 points to be focused for the development of personality.

The 2nd Hari Om session was taken by Prof. Biren Kalita, Ex-H.O.D. Hindi, N.L.College, North Laxmipur. He explained the contributions of Swami Vivekananda in building modern India.

The Vandemataram program was conducted at 9 pm. Sri Hrusikesh Sahu told the significance of the program followed by  Vandemataram audio. Complete silence was maintained during and after the program.


On 02/02/2018, day 2, Yoga & Pranayam class was taken by Sri R.Krishnamoorthy, P.E.T. at 6 am just after the Morning Prayer. All the student participants and teachers attended it.

After the morning assembly, ‘Hari Om’ session –III was started exactly at 8.45 am. Dr.Mukunda Rajbongshi , M.Sc.Math. Guwahati University,Retired Principal of North Laxmipur college addressed the students and spoke on the topic ‘Value Education’. He narrated his vast experiences and the teachings of great philosophers.

The subject classes were taken by teachers from 10.10am to 01.30 pm. All the subjects except science were taken by our school teachers. Sri Anupam Dey, teacher, VKV Yazali took the science class.

After lunch and rest the valedictory function began at 2.45 pm. Dr.Nabam Arun, V.S.,Kimin graced the occasion as the chief guest. The camp report was read out by Sri Navaneeta Krishnan, Teacher. 3 students shared their experiences of the Samaroh. Dr.Arun advised the students to grasp good things from the environment. The function ended at 3.45 pm with ‘Shanti Mantra’.

Out of 51 students, only 43 students attended in the ‘Utsarg’. All the teachers and the class-IX students helped in decorating the prayer hall and did all the arrangements. The students gave positive feedbacks regarding the Samaroh.



National Youth Day Celebration - VKV Sher

National youth day was celebrated on 12-01-2017 at 10 am in the school campus. Sri Ananda Kumar Mishra, deputy commandant, 10th ITBP,  Kimin was the chief guest. A total number of 476 attendance was recorded out of which 212 were parents and well wishers. Sri Rupam Chettry spoke the importance of the day. A short cultural program was presented by school students. The chief guest blessed the gathering with valuable words and donated few books for school library. Sri Raju Mishra did  anchoring. The program ended at 11.40am.



GITA JAYANTI was observed on 30-11-17 at 8.40 am.

A Samuhik Gita path was done by all the students and staff. Sri Raju Mishra spoke the significance of the day.

A total number of 299 attendees were present.

Medical camp @ VKV Sher

 A medical  camp was organized  at VKV Sher on 11/11/2017 by Dr. Gaurav Sharna and  his  team of 10 th ITBP Kimin around 10 AM and checked the health  of 130 students.  They distributed medicine  free of cost. 

Report on International Yoga Day Celebration in VKV,Sher

Principal Sri. Omanakuttan welcomedthe gathering of students and teachers. He recalled Yoga as Indian gift to the World.

Sri. Subham Trained24 Students for different Asanas who demonstrated: Bakasana, Mayur Asana, Shirshasana, Chakrasana, Padpachimotan Asana and Surya Namaskar. He himself Demonstrated JAL NETI and SUTRA NETI

Sri. Lallu M.R Presented V.K.K Activities in nut shell.

Sri. Sanjay Karkare explained how Swami Vivekananda was a Raj Yogi and Eknathji was a Karma Yogi and instance of Maharishi Vishwamitra and Vaisistha.

Sri Bhim Upadhaya  anchored the Programme well.

Day Scholars were also present in the Programme and participated in Competition.

Football Match, Chess ,Carrom and Volley ball matches were played.

Students enjoyed the programme and were amazed to see the performance of asanas and shall be willing to follow.