An educational excursion was conducted by 10th ITBP Kimin for the students of boarder villages. It was inaugurated by Sri.Sanjeev Rana, IG, ITBP A HQ NEFTR, and Itanagar with the presence of other senior officers. 14 students were selected on the basis of academic excellence from class VII to IX. The excursion had started on 15th November 2018. On 15th the students were taken to ITBP Kimin HQ and attended various training activities.

The Excursion was flagged by Commandant 10th BN Sri.Sobhan Singh Rana. The students were visited many historical places, temples, parks and gardens including Jangal Safari at kajiranga National Park, Kamakhya Temple, Deejoo Tea Garden and Botanical garden at Guwahati and Itanagar. The students were visited Gumpa Mandir and Nehru Museum.

In Nehru Museum, children could observe different tribes having different culture and tradition. The excursion was accompanied by Sri. R Krishnamoorthy of VKV Sher and two officials from 10th ITBP who were responsible for taking care of the children and providing information about the spot visited and make arrangements for bordering, lodging, transport and site seeing.  The excursion was totally free of charge. The scheme was sponsored by ITBP, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India. The ITBP had given track Suit, T-shirt, caps, water bottle and shoes.

During the impressive flag in ceremony Sri.Sanjeev Rana emphasised the need of this kind of excursion for the young minds of Arunachal Pradesh which shall motivate their mind. He interacted with children and asked various questions regarding the places had visited.

The children were very happy and excited and said that this excursion will have long lasting impact in their future. They never forget the information and enjoyment that they got during the excursion.