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Visit by HALO Society Members - VKV Sher

The representatives of HALO Society led by the Deputy Commissioner of Papumpare District Dr.Joram Beda visited VKV Sher on 01/06/2019. HALO Society is an NGO established by the alumni of VKVs in Arunachal Pradesh which takes up social services among the local populace. About 12 members including the DC are the alumni members of various VKVs and their purpose of visit was to support the school by providing it with five solar lamps with its accessories, RO water filter (wall fitting ) for teachers and six dustbins with lids and a  sum of Rs.100000/- was contributed to the school for solving the drinking water crisis.

The DC and the members of the society interacted with the students of classes X and IX in which they accentuated the need of students becoming more futuristic and positive about life. The DC provided the students with motivational ideas to become successful in their lives. It was a nostalgic moment for the members to have food with the students in the dining hall and roaming around the campus recalling the memories of their schooling. The members also promised the school to strengthen it with smart class equipments as early as possible.

Dr.Joram Beda, Er.Nabam Taga, Er.Tamchi Syam, Er.Ledo Thungon, Er.Pangu Waghe, Sri.Tabom Dai, Dr.Tumge Loyi, Sri.Pisa Kachi, Er.Nani Tade, Er.Hage Chatung, Er.Ngilyang Pumbo, Dr.Taru Tazung were the members