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Nature and Wild Life Education Camp - VKV Shergaon

A three days  NATURE AND WILD LIFE EDUCATION CAMP  , a residential  camp was attended by students of class-XI (Science) and Sri Karnalal Thatal,Teacher at Eaglenest wild life sanctuary from 5th to 7th October 2018.

Camp participants were taught about various species of vegetation, Birds, Mammals, Amphibians and lizards, snakes and Butterflies and Moth.

The bird and other wild life based eco-tourism in Eagle nest and the adjoining community forests are a unique conservation initiative that is entirely community owned and run. It is one of the successful community –based eco-tourism  programmes in the entire country.

The following resource persons took classes and guided the participants.

  1. Nandini Velho,Colombia University,New York
  2. Umesh Sriniasan, Princeton University,New Jersey
  3. Ram Alluri,National Geographic Explorer.
  4. Rohan Pandit,Photographer on Wild life.
  5. Millo Tasser,IFS,D.F.O. Shergaon Forest Division
  6. Lobsang Tashi Thungon,Research Scholar,NERIST,Arunachal Pradesh