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Teacher's Work Shop Conducted - VKV Shergaon

A one day workshop for the teachers of classes X and XII was held at VKV Shergaon on 18th August 2019. The workshop was organised by VKV Shergaon and conducted by Mananiya Aparna didi, Secretary VKV APT and Education Officer of Kameng and Subansiri Cluster Sri S. Murlidharan Sir. Thirty one teachers from Sejosa, Nivedita-Vihar, Wessang, Kitpi Tawang and Shergaon VKVs attended the workshop.

 The workshop began with a prayer “ Om sam samidu base” followed by a welcome speech by Satish Kumar Principal VKV Shergaon and then Mananiya Aparna didi address the teachers. S Murlidharan Sir E.O. explained the objectives of the workshop.He termed it as a Reality show to understand the reality of our vidyalayas as far as class X and XII are concerned.

He urged the teachers to focus on – 

  1. Excellence and character.
  2. Extra classes.
  3. Monitoring students note preparation through knowledge of the context.
  4. Monitoring, Teaching, Coaching based on the ground reality.
  5. Building rapport with the students.

This was followed by a power point presentation of class X and XII first periodic test result in comparison with the previous result and target set for the upcoming Board Examination.

The next session of this workshop started with the address by Pradeep Y Sir, the Principal of VKV Seijosa. He insisted on the following points-

  1. Coaching the low as well as high scorers perform better.
  2. Help the students to understand/ learn the content, apply and retain it for long time.