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Seminar Conducted On “Poshan Maah” - VKV Shergaon

On 21st September 2019, a Seminar was conducted under “Poshan Maah” on the topic- Nutrition, Balanced Diet and Malnutrition at our school by NSS Programme Officer Sri Pradip Karki. The programme was held at Projector Hall at 10.20 A.M. to 10.50 A.M. the Students of classes VI, VII, VIII and IX were present with some teaching staff including Principal Sri Satish Kumar sir. Shri Om Kr. Pradhan sir has highlighted the necessity of nutrition through Balanced Diet extensively. He focussed how various deficiency diseases my hamper us if the right intake of nutrients are not taken which is known as malnutrition and its side effects.  He stressed in a balanced diet to a child right from the mothers’ womb. Awareness and consciousness are the first step to deal malnutrition and to have proper intake of food. Ultimately, he passed the massage food should not be simply for our tongue’s taste but for the betterment of the heath and the programme was concluded by “Shanti Mantra”.