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Report of Special Camp at Kamchoyam

Shergaon is a very small village in the West Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh. It is located at 270 7’ 0’’ North 920 16’ 0’’ East is surrounded by lofty mountains of the eastern Himalayan range. The village is home of the Sherdukpen community. The people are mostly depended on agriculture. Sherdukpen community practices Buddhism along with animism. The place is surrounded by scenic beauty, Buddhist monasteries and archaeological sites.  “Kamchoyam” is a archaeological site means mud house which was made about 1200 years ago. I Pradip Karki programme officer NSS Shergaon Unit along with a team of 28 NSS volunteers went to the place which is 7 Km away from the high way and cleaned the road side and surrounding of Kamchoyam under the scheme of EK BHARAT SHRETHA BHARAT.