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General Secretary Visit- VKV Shergaon

Man. BHANUDASJI,General Secretary, VIVEKANANDA KENDRA,KANYAKUMARI visited VKV,SHERGAON along with Sri RUPESH MATHURJI,Joint Secretary,VKV ARUNACHAL PRADESH TRUST on 28th January 2018. During his stay in the school campus, he addressed all hostel students from class IV to X.He conducted a special session for class XI and XII (Science stream) students and urged the students to learn the science with  its utility in day to day life. He said, there is science in everything.Science unravels the truth through experiments and hypothesis. Everything is interconnected in the universe.if anybody thinks that he or she is not depending on anybody, then all problems creep in the society. We are part of the society.If anything affects the society, it affects  each individual also. We must contribute good things to the society by our thoughts, words and actions.

Man.Bhanuji conducted a session for all  the  teachers  for improving the  quality of education. All teacachers were asked to write their objectives as a teacher in VKV  as well as their action plans .A fruitful discussion was held in this session too.