Eklavya Model Residential School, Bana

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Staff Details Information


Sl. No. Name Designation Date Of Birth Date of Appointment Qualification Trained/Un-trained Probation/ Confirmed Adhoc/ Part time
1 SMT K. AMUDHAVALLI JT (P) 11.07.1967 28.06.2018 M.Sc., B.Ed. Trained Confirmed  
2 SRI SANGRAM CHOWDHURY JT 05.10.1972 12.06.2001 B.A., B.Ed Trained Confirmed  
3 SRI SATYENDRA YADAV ST 24.08.1967 06.10.1993 B.A. B.PEd. Trained Confirmed  
4 SRI RUDRA PRASAD UPADHYAY A.T. JUNIOR 16.07.1978 25.07.2010 M.A., B.Ed Trained Confirmed  
5 SMT. JUTIKA DEVI A.T. SENIOR 06.04.1981 26.06.2004 B.A. Untrained Confirmed  
6 SU. ANGEL NADA A.T. JUNIOR 31.12.1987 04.12.2013 M.A., MCA, B.Ed. Trained Confirmed  
7 SRI DIPJYOTI GAYON A.T. JUNIOR 31.08.1991 21.10.2014 B. Sc. Untrained Confirmed  
8 SRI NARAYAN SARKAR A.T. JUNIOR (P) 31.07.1990 03.06.2017 M.A., B.Ed Trained Confirmed  
9 SRI JITENDRA CHAUHAN A.T. JUNIOR (HW) 01.12.1985 08.06.2018 M.A., B.Ed Trained Probation Adhoc
10 SU. HAGE AMPA A.T. JUNIOR (HW) 20.08.1993 01.08.2018 M. Sc., B. Ed. Trained Probation Adhoc
11 SRI SANTANU PHUKAN A.T. JUNIOR (C) 29.08.1993   M. Tech. Untrained Probation Adhoc