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Staff Details Information

Sl. No. Name Designation Date Of Birth Date of Appointment Qualification Trained/Un-trained Probation/ Confirmed Adhoc/ Part time
1 SRI SANJEEB KR. KAR A.T. SENIOR 25.07.1977 02.07.2007 B.Sc., B.Ed. Trained Confirmed  
2 SU. MANISHA DEVI A.T. SENIOR 31.05.1980 06.06.2009 M.A. Untrained Confirmed  
3 SMT. SHIMPE TIWARY  A.T. JUNIOR 30.04.1989 11.07.2010 M.A. Untrained Confirmed  
4 SRI NISHI KANT PATHAK A.T. JUNIOR 03.01.1983 02.07.2011 B.A.  Untrained Confirmed  
5 SRI KARUPPASAMI N.  A.T. JUNIOR 28.05.1988 12.06.2015 M. Sc., B. Ed. Trained Confirmed  
6 SRI APURBARANJAN LENKA  A.T. JUNIOR 17.05.1975 01.06.2014 B. Sc., MBA  Untrained Confirmed  
7 SU. BEAUTY SONOWAL A.T. JUNIOR (C) 16.06.1993   B.A., B. Ed. Trained Probation Adhoc
8 SU. JUNMONI RAY A.T. JUNIOR (C) 28.12.1993   BCA, MCA Untrained Probation Adhoc
9 SRI SACHINAREDDY D. TAMBRAGUNDI A.T. JUNIOR (C) 22.07.1993   M. Sc., B. Ed. Trained Probation Adhoc
10 SMT. SHAKUNTALA SINGH  ASSISTANT D.S.T. 10.12.1972 03.06.2008 M.A. Untrained Confirmed  
11 SMT. MEPONG RIANG  ASSISTANT D.S.T. (Adhoc) 30.10.1993 16.08.2011 B.A. Untrained Probation Adhoc
12 SU. SRISHTI RAI HONORARY TEACHER ON CONTRACTUAL BASIS 13.11.1993 04.02.2019 B.A., B. Ed. Trained Probation Adhoc