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Indigenous Faith Day Celebrated - VKV Sunpura

The Indigenous Faith Puja was performed on 08-07-2020. A group including 10 members from the Mishmi Culture and Faith Promotion Organisation from Tezu came to carry out the puja which was accompanied by Sri. Ashok Atale from Arunjyoti. The ritual  was performed nicely with the chanting of mantra and local bhajans. The puja was performed in the prayer hall. The place was decorated beautifully and the arrangement for the puja was made accordingly as informed by them.

  1. The Indigenous Faith Puja started at 12:00 pm with the lighting of the lamp by in charge Sri. Laishram Lokeshwar Singh, priest Sri. Soloi Ngadong, Sri. Bakrim Chickro and Sri. K.Ngadong along with three Omkaras and Eikyamantra.
  2. A welcome speech was delivered by Sri. Laishram Lokeshwar Singh.
  3. The priest was felicitated with a book of Swami Vivekananda.
  4. Sri. Jairam Yadav again briefly delivered a short speech about the importance of Guru Purnima and the importance of guru in our life.
  5. A speech on Indigenous Faith and culture about how they worship nature and how they have tried to protect their Indigenous faith was delivered by Sri. K. Ngadong.
  6. The ritual started with the chanting of mantras by the priest. He sprinkled some holy water on everyone and blessed us.
  7. A local bhajan was sung to praise the creator Aamik Matai.
  8. A secret thread which was blessed by the priest was tied on everyone’s wrist which was believed to protect us from all evils along with some prasads.
  9. The puja completed with another local bhajan.
  10. All the members of the Mishmi Culture and Faith promotion were felicitated by Sri. Laishram Lokeshwar Singh.
  11. Sri. Bakrim Chickro, chairman, school supporting member thanked all the members of the Mishmi culture and faith promotion for being a part of it and for making it successful. He also thanked the VKV Organisation for organising such puja through which they could preserve their faith and culture. He also suggested that such puja can be organised in the school when the students are back to school so that they can know more about their indigenous faith and culture.
  12. A flag of Aamik Matai which was blessed by the priest was put up in the prayer hall, hostel entrance and teacher’s quarter colony.
  13. A small refreshment and lunch was arranged by our school for all the members who were a part of the puja.