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Independence Day Celebrated - VKV Tafrogam


Nation’s 73rd INDEPENDENCE DAY was celebrated with complete patriotic fervor in our Vidyalaya.

The flag hosting in our campus was at 6.45 am .Principal Smt.Shanti Manoharan unfurted the tri-colour and the entire staff and students honored the National Flag by singing the National Anthem and Vande Mataram.

As in the previous years, this year also our band ,Marchfast ,P.T Display team made their active presence at the ceremonial parade ground at the district  Headquarter,Tezu .

During the heavy downpour our 41 members strong band team made a wonderful performance and it was great to see various platoons of ITBP,APP,NCC,Scouts,guides, various schools including VKV Tezu and Tafrogam marched gracefully in the jublee ground.

Then the P.T display of our 121 students selected from classes V,VI & VII made a wonderful performance in the jubilee ground. As the intensity of the rain increased, the presentation also went ossum by displaying various formation leaving the entire spectators   spellbound .Altogether it was a great day where the girls got 2nd prize for the parade. The girls of VKV Tafrogam humbled down the rains and won the heart of all.

Prachodaya Shibir Conducted - VKV Tafrogam

The Prachodaya Shibir was conducted for the class IX and X students of our Vidyalaya on the 6th of August 2019, in our school. It was a one day programme.

As soon as we got the message, we sorted out the date from our busy schedule as each day of the month was planned with a bundle of programmes inside and outside.

But we found out this day and a committee was formed with Sri.Madhu Bal as the co-ordinator and Su.Kanchan Yadav as the organiser. A routine for this was finalised after discussing with the concerned teachers. Then the next move was to rope in eminent guests to speak on the occasion. Our search ended with finding out Dr.D.W.Thongan, (S.P.Lohit District, who is also an alumnus of VKV Shergaon and Balijan). The next one was Smt. Sailu Bellai, the next door figure of VKV Tafrogam.  Sri.Ashok Atale of VK Lohit Vibhag also joined us.

On the stipulated day, the programme began with the wake up at 4.45 am. After ablutions the students came to the school assembly hall, which was the venue. There the prayer was the first event. It was followed by the yoga session taken by Su.Rumi, our PT Teacher. Then the students were divided into four groups viz. “Shakti, Sharada, Syamala and Sarala”. All the 43 students from class IX and 30 from class X were present. Thus 73 were the number of participants of the shibir. Once the grouping was over the students were giver clear instructions on the do and don’ts and duties were also assigned to the groups. Selection of group leaders was also done. Then he students dispersed for fresh up and breakfast.

After breakfast the shibir participants assembled and the shibir geet ‘Le Chale’ was taken by Smt.Kashmiri Kotoky. In a short period of time the song got registered in the hearts of the students.

Session I was on the Importance of Education. It was taken by Sri.P.K.Pandey Sir, our cluster in charge.The various aspects of education and the qualities of students were dealt in detail. Then the students dispersed for a short break and again assembled for the inaugural session. Dr.D.W.Thongan, S.P.Lohit district was the Chief Guest. He is an alumnus of VKV Shergaon and Balijan. He inspired the students on the topic ‘Focussed Learning’. He invoked the interest of the students and said about the various openings in higher education and about the systematic steps to achieve it. The participants paid keen attention by lending their mind body and soul in gaining the practical wisdom from this right person. He also discussed about the various competitive exams right from NEET to UPSC. It was really a wonderful and highly enlightening session. We all felt like getting a fabulous garden on asking a simple flower.

This was followed by a session by our teacher Sri.P.Shanmughan on career guidance. He capitalised the inputs of the capacity building programme which he recently participated in a workshop at VKV Kharsang. The programme was organised by CBSE. Here the participants got sufficient idea about the subject.

After this session and after a short break again the participants assembled for shibir geet. Once it was over, the participants were given an assignment of group discussion. Each group was given the task of group discussion on selected books. It was told them to go through the books and present the essence of it to the audience in the post lunch session. Thus the following books were taken for discussion.





Kindle Life

Swami Chinmayananada


Spirit of India

Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam


Our iceberg is melting

John Kotter


Indomitable Spirit

Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

Each house put their best to understand and present the content of the book.

 After this the participants dispersed for lunch break.

 The post lunch session began with Shibir Geet.

After the Shibir Geet it was time for the presentation of the group discussion on the books which was conducted earlier.

The group leaders presented the essence of the books they have read, in a brilliant way. The presentations were summarised by Sri.Madhu Bal. TK.

 By this time Sri.Ashok Atale, VK Sanghatak, Lohit Vibhag was, and his team was ready for Kendra Varga. The “Ka , Kha , Ga’ concept of the Kendra Varga was liked by all.

The concluding session was set at 6.00 pm, where Smt.Sailu Bellai, a well established person and an admired alumnus of this school was the Chief Guest. She narrated the success stories of successful persons         from this area. She painted oral portraits of such persons with her indomitable speaking skills which penetrated to the minds of the listeners. Mrs.Sailu did not forget to cherish the wonderful memories of the great days she had spent in this vidylaya and of course she recalled the fond memories of her teachers.

Parents Meeting Conducted - VKV Tafrogam

Principal Smt.Shanti  Manoharan welcomed the gathering and spoke on the importance of the meeting

Achievement of students in the session 2018-19 presented by PPT.

Class teacher gave a brief report on the academic performance of the students in class test, integrated test and periodic test. Target set and achieved also was told.

Subject teachers gave their plan about syllabus coverage and target set in their subjects. New introduction of CBSE in Mathematics paper also was briefed to them. Cluster In charge, Sri.Pradeep Kr Pandey spoke on Kendra and its achievements.

The parents enthusiastically shared views and expressed their gratitude and goodwill for being associated with Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas.

Guru Purnima Celebration - VKV Tafrogam

Guru Purnima was celebrated in our Vidyalaya with complete traditional fervor.

In the morning assembly, the Principal Smt.Shanti Manoharan gave a speech highlighting the importance of the day.

After evening prayer, our students  presented a vibrant cultural programme comprising of dramatized version of self composed , dramatized bhajans  and a drama based on the importance of Guru Shishya parampara. The theme of the drama was sent by Ma.Bhanu Dasji and was staged by our class VII students in short notice. Truly this was a visual treat for all

This was followed by a Swadhyaya, based on the letter by Adaraneya Nivetita Didi. The letter was explained word by word by S/Sri.PK Pandey, Dhananjay Mishra and Su.Jyotsna Didi.  The concept of the letter was made clear to all staff members and all of them were charged positively and wait for the forthcoming mega event “EK BHARAT VIJAYEE BHARAT”


5th International Yoga Day

We have observed 5th international yoga day in our school ground on 21st June. After morning prayer a short speech was delivered by our Principal Smt. Shanti Manoharan didi. In her speech she spoke about the theme of the 5th international yoga day: “Climate action”, and she also mentioned about how yoga is beneficial to our body, mind and health.

After her speech, Su Rumi Khakhlari read the message given by our honorable prime minister Sri Narendra Bhai Modiji.

The yoga session started from 6.00 AM to 6.45 AM. All the teaching and non teaching staff along with the students performed yoga asanas. Yoga session started with 3 “OM karas” followed by Aikya mantra. Then we began with loosening exercises followed by Surya Namaskar and yoga asanas asanas. The following asanas were practiced.

Standing asanas:

  1. Tadasana
  2. Ardha kati Chakrasana
  3. Ardha Chakrasana
  4. Trikonasana
  5. Parivartha Trikonasana
  6. Padahastasana
  7. Brikshasana
  8. Birbhadrasana

Sitting asanas:

  1. Vajrasana
  2. Ardha Ustrasana
  3. Sasankasana
  4. Pachimukthasana

Thereafter we did the following Pranayamas.

  1. Anulom Vilom
  2. Kapal Bhatti
  3. Bhramri Pranayama.

The session was concluded with the Shanti Mantra.








Non-teaching staff