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Guru Purnima Celebrated - VKV Balijan

VKV Balijan has celebrated Guru Purnima on 5th July 2020 at 6pm in the school prayer hall wherein all teaching and non-teaching staffs of the campus with family were present. Sri. J.P. Mishra has conducted entire proceedings as per the letter received from Man.Nivedita Didi.  Sri. J.P. Mishra highlighted the significance of the day. “The Guru reveals all the secrets of life and bestows wisdom on us.  So, Guru Purnima or Vyas Purnima is the day to celebrate and pay our respects and regards to our Guru”, he said.  Smt. Anjali Das has briefed the gist of the letter received from Man. Nivedita Didi on Guru Purnima as a part of programme.  Campus students and the Snehavardhini group of VKV Balijan presented a bhajan and nam kirtan on Guru respectively.

To ensure the participation of the students at home, class teachers were asked to be in contact with our students in advance. In this regard, an audio was prepared by narrating a story of the importance of Guru on one’s life by Sri. J.P. Mishra sir and the same were delivered to them through whatsapp few days back.  On the basis of audio, they were asked to prepare a story on Guru/Self-composed poem on Guru/Bhajan on Guru if any on or before 4th July. I am happy to inform you that there was a positive response from various corners as a poem, bhajan and story. As a part of the programme, the selected items of the same were showed with the help of the projector in front of the audience today.