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Guru Purnima Celebrated - VKV Banderdewa

Guru Purnima is celebrated at VKV PTC Banderdewa on 8th day of July Month 2020. All staff members were present in the programme.  Here are few points how Guru Purnima is celebrated .

1.One of our main programme Guru Purnima is celebrated at VKV PTC Banderdewa,  around 9.30am it started and upto  11.00 am it over.

  1. A local priest Shri. Taki Tamut conducted the programme by following traditional Donyi Polo rituals. He is Priest of Gangin of PTC Banderdewa.

3.All the teachers participated  in the programme except Shri. Tako Siga .

  1. The programme began with the chanting of three Omkaras followed by Eikya Mantra.
  2. Shri. Vijay Kr. Tehariya the Principal of the School spoke about the importance of the day.He explained the main Moto of VKV that is Man making nation building. Next he told that in the year 1977 Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh called VKV Trust to start VKV Schools as it is one of the remote part of India and for the development of area good education is required. After that only Guru Shishya Way of teaching was started with a small unit of only 7 schools, as changing time turn the years and now at present total 40 VKV   are running smoothly   and earns one by one glory from years. One of the greatest achievement of VKV  is that in the year 2020  result of recent APSC prove it,  in total 21 passed out officers are the product of VKV only. So it’s a mile stone for VKV Pariwar.
  3. Next the priest was felicitated by the principal of VKV PTC Banderdewa.

7.The Priest delivered a short speech before performing the rituals and sung local  donyi-polo bhajan in local dialect. He explained about the culture and tradition of Donyi –polo at the same time he told about the person who started Donyi-polo,  shri. Talom Rukbo. Overall very nicely he explained that donyi-polo is same as Hinduism and told  about the dharma and sanskriti of Donyi-polo.

  1. One of the staff member shri. Kalyan Kr. Dutta read out the Letter  of Mananiya  Nivedita Didi.
  2. Guru Vandana Bhajan was sung in lead and follow method. Guru struta (audio) was played.
  3. With two minutes of Dhyan, the programme was concluded with the chanting of Shanti Mantra.