Independence Day Celebration

74th Independence Day celebrated at VKV Longding with great spirit and enthusiasm. Principal Sri K.V Dineshan unfurled the trie colour in the presence of  Teaching and non- teaching staff of VKV Longding. National Anthem is followed. The Principal addressed the small gathering. The key points of his address

  • Remembrance of the sacrifices of the martyrs of freedom Struggle .
  • Role of teachers in Athma Nirbar Bharat
  • Birth day of Spiritual leader of India Sri Arbindo Gosh
  • Role of teachers for inculcating the Patriotic spirit among the students.

The school patriotic song ( Bharat Pyara Desh Hamara) sung by all the  staff members.

Krishna Janmashtami Celebration

Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated in our school premises with great happiness and joy. All family members of campus attended the programme. Km. Roshni Chetry (D/o R.B Chetry) and Km Janvi Tiwari ( D/o N.P Tiwari ) performed the role  of Krishna and Radha. The highlights of the programme is given below:

  • Sri Nitya Prakash Tiwari , Hindi teacher, VKV Longding gave a welcome speech and highlighted the life of Sree Krishna
  • Sumitra Borgohain, science Teacher, VKV Longding gave the importance of the day.
  • Birth of Krishna
  • How was he escape from jail to Gokulam?
  • Briefing on sree Krishna Leela
  • Krishna Bhajans were sung by Sri Ram Chetry,  Sri Nitya prakash Tiwari and  Sri K.V Dineshan
  • Nrithya Natika performed by Km Roshni Chetry and Km Janvi Tiwari
  • Blessing words gave by Principal VKV, Longding Sri K.V Dineshan.
  • Celebration unites the people
  • Culture is the identity of India
  • The Cultural Value should be transformed to our Students life.
  • Prasad distribution

Programme concluded with Shanty Mantra

Guru Purnima Celebrated - VKV Longding

Guru Purnima was celebrated in our school premises with great happiness       and joy

  • Sri Nitya Prakash Tiwari , Hindi teacher, VKV Longding gave a welcome speech and highlighted the role of guru in the society
  • Minakshi Sinha, Hindi Teacher, VKV Longding expressed the role and importance of guru in one’s life.
  • Guru Bhajan was sung by Sri Ram Chetry and Su. Sumitra Borgohain
  • A Swadhyaya was conducted on the occasion. The topic for the discussion was the letter from Mananeeya Nivedita Didi’s Articles  in  Kendra   All the teachers were present and the following points were discussed in the Swadhyaya.
  • The role of guru in past and present
  • The self-development and self-motivation is need in present situation.
  • The teacher should impart the value of swadeshi to the students.
  • The guru should create an atmosphere to the students for appreciating aesthetic beauty of the nature and value of environment.
  • Blessing words gave by Principal VKV, Longding Sri K.V Dineshan.

Sradanjali to Mananeeya P Parameswaranji

VKV Longding had conducted the condolence programme ,in honour of the departed soul of Mananeeya P.Parameswaranji ,President of Vivekanada Kendra and the director Bharatiya vichara Kendra on 9th February 2020@4pm in the school premises.Members of VK Arunjyothi,VKV Alumini,teachers of VKV Longding etc were also participated in the condolence programme
The Principal,VKV Longding had briefed the biography of Mananeeya Parameswaranji before the gathering and appeal to all karyakartas to get inspiration from this glorious life,so that we can realise our mission of life.The programme was followed by observing 2minutes silence,prayer and offerng the flowers before the portrait of Mananeya P .Paramesaranji

Report on poster making competition on 10th National Voter Day

On the occasion of the 10th National Voter Day, office of District Election Commission was conducted a poster making competition for all the students in Longding district on 22nd January, 2020. In the competition VKV, Longding also participated along with other schools in the District like Kendriya Vidyalaya, JNV, Government higher sec. school, secondary school and many private schools. The results of the competition was declared on 24th January, 2020. Whereas VKV, Longding secured 1st  , 2nd and 3rd position in Longding Block. The details of the result of the poster making competition is given below.


Name of the students






Km Lisa Wangsu

My India, My Pride



Cash -2500 along with certificate


Km Phaingam Wangpan

My India, My Pride



Cash-2000 along with certificate


Km Litsala Wangjen

My India, My Pride



Cash-1500 along with certificate


  • VKVs AP Trust
  • Breezy Meadows
  • Near S.P. Office, Dibrugarh
  • Assam-786001
  • (0373)-2324320

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