Sampark Abayan Connection With EBVB - VKV Longding

In connection with Golden Jubilee of Vivekananda rock memorial -Ek Bharat Vijay Bharat.programme VK Longding unit conducted a Sampark Abayan with Hon
DC.smt.Chesta Yadav in her chamber.sri
Asish sir.Principal VKV Niausa,sri.Manham Loham,Sri.Senwang Wangsa(memberVKAJ),SriManoj sir,Sri.RN Tiwari(Teachers VKV NSA)were included in the team.The team members explained the story of VKRM in brief to Hon.DC and distributed the pamplet related eith VKRM.
Hon.DC.highly appreciated the effort of VK for retain the glory of our motherland.She also recalled her past experience of visit of VKRM during her college life