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Sl. No. Name Designation Date Of Birth Date of Appointment Qualification Trained/Un-trained Probation/ Confirmed Adhoc/ Part time
1 SRI ASHIS CHATTERJEE ST 09.12.1972 02.06.1999 B.A. B.Ed. Trained Confirmed  
2 SRI RAVINDRA NATH TIWARI A.T. JUNIOR 01.07.1969 06.11.2014 M.A., B. Ed. Trained Confirmed  
3 SRI GOUTAM ROY A.T. JUNIOR 19.01.1985 07.06.2012 M.A. Untrained Confirmed  
4 SRI MAN BAHADUR CHETRI A.T. JUNIOR 14.02.1986 16.07.2008 B.Sc. Untrained Confirmed  
5 SU. OM KUMARI A.T. JUNIOR 18.10.1985 25.06.2010 B.A. B. Ed Trained Confirmed  
6 SRI MANOJ KUMAR MAHATO A.T. JUNIOR 20.07.1990 06.08.2011 B.A. Untrained Confirmed  
7 SU. NABANITA KUNDU A.T. JUNIOR 06.10.1991 13.10.2016 M.A. Untrained Confirmed  
8 SRI PIJUSH DEB A.T. JUNIOR (P) 27.08.1992 01.09.2016 B. Sc., C.S. Untrained Confirmed  
9 SRI AMRENDRA KUMAR PANDEY A.T. JUNIOR (P) 02.07.1982 09.06.2016 M.A., B.Ed Trained Confirmed  
10 SRI RAJESH PAUL A.T. JUNIOR (P) 04.02.1990 01.11.2016 B. Sc. Untrained Confirmed  
11 SRI SATYAJIT ROY A.T. JUNIOR (P) 15.10.1991 02.06.2017 B.A., B. Ed. Trained Confirmed  
12 SRI RAMU KATIPAM A.T. JUNIOR (P) 01.11.1984 23.06.2017 B. Sc., B. Ed. Trained Confirmed  
13 SRI UJJWAL SARMA A.T. JUNIOR (C) 26.01.1988   B.A., B.P. Ed. (M.A. Yoga) Trained Probation Adhoc
13 SMT. SETTI S. PARVATHI LAKSHMI ASSISTANT D.S.T. 01.06.1990 23.06.2017 B. Sc., B. Ed. Trained Confirmed