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Saraswati Puja / Vasant Panchmi

Participants from School Side : 452 Students &  28 teaching & 4 non teaching Staff members.

  1. Focussed on 5 things.
  2. Knowledge is Wealth
  3. Art and Music
  4. Peace
  5. Following Traditions
  6. Being Spiritual

 Apart from engaging in all sorts of arts and music, students learn to become spiritual and respectful. They learn qualities like team-building, leadership and corporation. Instilling the feeling of brotherhood, it also teaches students to interact with one another peacefully and strengthen their bond.

 After that performed Vedic Puja with full devotion.


One hundred students from class-IX to XII witnessed the live TV programme ‘Pariksha pe Charcha’ on 29/01/2018 from 11 am to 01 pm. The school arranged the required gadgets well in advance for smooth watch. The students and staff witnessed the programme with full spirit.

Republic Day Celebration 2019


Chief Guest :Sri Mohan Kumhar, DGM. RHEP, NEEPCO

NEEPCO Officials .

Local People & Parents  = 591

School Side

 421 students & 29 teachers & 5 non teaching staff members.


National Flag Hoisting by : The Chief Guest & National Anthem Singing by all the people.

March Past by : Students of VKV Yazali

Speech by : The Chief Guest

Chorus Patriotic Song by : Class VIII Girls

Aerobic Display by : Class VII & VIII Girls

Patriotic Dance by : KG & Class-I

Mass PT Display by : Class II to V

Pyramid Display by : Class IV & V Boys

Bihu Dance by : Class II to IV Girls

Annual Report Presentation by :Smt Rita Raj Principal, VKV Yazali

Surya Namaskar Display  by : Class II to IV

Group  Nyishi Dance by : Class VI to IX Girls

Rope Malkhamb Display by : Class III to VI Girls


National Youth Day Celebration @ VKV Yazali


Date & Time

Organaised by










Birthday  of  Swami Vivekananda


National Youth Day








12 January



10 a.m to

2.00 p.m.








National Youth Day Celebration  Committee Yazali







General Ground




1.Smt.Bingam Riba

(Chief Guest)

Principal, Govt. H.S.

School Yazali

2. Dr. Tasar Tania


(Special Guest

& Speaker)

3. Teachers

& Students



4. Teachers & Students

Of Govt Middle

School , Potin Village

5. Teachers & Students

Of Govt Middle School Chulyu Village.

6. Teachers & Students

Of Abotani Academy


7.Pitapool Women’s

Cultural Group

9.Parents of

VKV Students.

10. Local People

Of Yazali

TOTAL Invitees

= 547


1.     Lighting The Lamp:  By The Chief Guest

& Invocation With Nyishi Traditional Prayer by the Students of VKV Yazali.

2.     National Song(Vande Mataram) in 101 Voices : By the students of VKV , Accompany in musical Instruments Sri Chayan Sarkar(music teacher).

3.     Welcome Speech : By Smt Rita Raj, Principal, VKV Yazali

4.     Group Nyishi Dance:

                          By Abotani Academy

5.     Speech on Swaiji : By Dr. Tasar Tania

6.     Surya Namaskar Display:

             by VKV Yazali Students(Primary)

7.     Group Nyishi Dance:

by VKV Yazali Girls (Middle)

8.      Group Patriotic Song:

   By  VKV Yazali(Middle)

9.      Group Patriotic Dance :

             By BROWA School.

10.Bihu Dance : By VKV Yazali Girls


11.Group Dance: by Govt Middle School


12.Group  Patriotic Song: Class-X Girls

VKV Yazali

13.Rope Malkham Display :

Girls of VKV Yazali , (Primary & Middle)

14.Group Folk Dance : by Pitapool Women’s

                                              Cultural Group

15.Pyramid Display : by VKV Yazali Boys

(Primary & Middle)

16.Vote of Thanks :

         By Sri Bengia Tolum(Social Worker)

President National Youth Day Celebration  Committee Yazali

17.  Shanti Mantra

From  School Side

Students : 433

Teachers : 29

Non Teaching Staffs: 5


Kalpataru Diwas Celebration

VKV NEEPCO Yazali celebrated the Kalpataru Divas at own campus on 1st January.  On that occasion students & teachers conducted a special morning assembly. Smt. Rita Raj , the principal kept a speech on the importance of the day. She tried to sketch the life & works of Sri Ramakrishna Pramahansa. Afterwards Sri Chayan Sarkar , the music teacher & students sang together "Ram Krishna Smaranam" , the Ramakrishna Stuti geet."
All the students and staff members  offered flower to the portrait of Sri Ramakrishna.