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Parents Meet Conducted - VKV Neepco Yazali

VKV Neepco Yazali has conducted a parent's meet for class V and VIII today on Wednesday at the school assembly hall. Meeting was started at  4.00 p.m. Sri KK Subramanian, the Principal of the school welcomed the parents with a short speech. He described how the trio collaboration or coordination among the students-parents and teachers make positive input to the students. Class teachers of respective classes gave a brief report of their classes. They discussed about the potentialities of the students to uplift their academic result.  Sri Sri Prabin Boruah , briefed about the new pattern of examinations which will be conducted by the state Government. Sri Kalyanam Bharadwaj informed the parents about the activities of  'Ek Bharat , Vijayi Bharat', a nationwide contact drive of Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari. In this connection a documentary film on Vivekananda Rock Memorial also was shown to the gathering. Total 63 parents participated and shared their opinions in that particular meet.