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Samaratha Bharatha Parva Celebration - VKV Neepco Yazali

The great transformation of knowledge on India`s greatness to the young generation was executed in our school in the name of Samartha Bharatha Parva. The programme was aimed to inculcate the idea of reconstruction of India. This programme also aimed to share the glory of our nation among teachers and students. This event started on 25th December and ends on 12th January. During this period our school could organize various activities for teachers and students. Fourteen Selected Teachers delivered speeches in the morning assembly for students and teachers on 18 various topics topics. A number of 141 students from VIII to XII attended the offline programme. Apart from the regular speech on various topics, Gita sloka interpretation, story  narration also taken place.

 poster making competition, essay writing competition, Drawing competition and Quiz on Greatness of India through Google meet for students of class VI to XII  .