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 Rakshabandhan  celebrated - VKV Yingkiong

VKV Yingkiong has celebrated the Rakshabandhan in befitting manner on 26/08/2018. This year the programme   was conducted in the Army Camp of Yingkiong. A group of 39 girls of class IV and V along with four teachers were sent for tying of Rakhi  to the Army cadre in the Army Camp, Yingkiong. The program was started with mangalacharan as per our tradition. The agenda of the program was as follows:

  1. Mangalacharan followed by three omkars
  2. Significance of the day
  3. A Patriotic group song by class V girls
  4. Tying of Rakhi
  5. Shantimantra.

A special arrangement was done by them for this program in the hall where all the cadres came together. After the completion of the   formalities, all the cadres stood in line and the small girls students of Class IV and V tied the Rakhi to each one of them one by one. They were very happy and impressive with the tying of Rakhi by the  school children on the auspicious occasion of Rakshabandhan and became emotional.

 Thus the response of rakshabandhan program on Sunday in the Army Camp was very good ,effective and successful


 The school has observed the  Punya Tithi of Mananeeya  Eknathji  on 22 August 2018 in the school. The program was arranged in the school’s morning assembly ground.A photo of Mananeeya  Eknathji was  decorated with the flowers and placed in front of the assembly. The morning assembly was conducted as usual. The life and the significance of the day was briefed by the two students, Kr.Okiling Litin  and Km. Juhi Bhagat of Class X. After that all the students as well as the teachers, offered flowers and did pranam to the photo of Mananeeya Eknathji one by one while going to their respective classes after the assembly.

After the assembly a screening test of Essay writing competition was conducted for the students of Class IX and X on the topic “Role of Youth in Preservation, protection and Promotion of Indigenous Faith in Arunachal Pradesh” for the selection  of students to participate in the District Level Essay writing Competition which is to be held on 26/08/2018, organized by district unit youth wing in collaboration with state IFCSAP (Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh).

 Kranti Divas -  VKV Yingkiong 

VKV Yingkiong observed Kranti Divas  in the school today on 9th August 2018 .It was observed to remember and  pay tribute to all  who sacrificed their lives during the freedom struggle of our country. It was observed by  some relevant slogans, patriotic group songs, speeches on heroes of Quit India Movement and role play on Indian freedom struggle. The details of the programme were as follows:


Sl. No.





Morning assembly- Slogans & importance of the day.

*Slogans led by class-VIII Students.

*Significance of the day by class-X students.

The sense of patriotism was demonstrated by the assembly.


Programmes organised in school auditorium.




Patriotic group songs.

Class- V,VIII,IX&X Students performed respectively.

Contribution & Sacrifices of freedom fighters and martyrs were highlighted.


Speeches on heroes of Quit India Movement.

Classes-VIII&X Students spoke about Mahatma Gandhi, Aruna Asaf Ali etc.

Heart touching and Thought provoking speeches could visualize the ‘Quit India Movement’.


Role play on Indian freedom struggle.

Class- VI,VII&VIII Students performed the roles of leading freedom fighters and British Raj.

Brutalities of Britishers, sacrifices of freedom fighters and martyrs were the main focuses.


The aforesaid observation was very attractive and informative for the young learners of the vidyalaya.  A total of 415 students attended the programme which was concluded with patriotic slogans.               

Independence Day Celebration - VKV Yingkiong

The school has celebrated the 72nd INDEPENDENCE DAY in befitting manner today. All the students and the teachers reported at 5.30 am .The Prabhat Pheri started at 6.00 am from the school gate to the Yingkiong Market area. The flag hoisting was done at 7.30 am by the Principal followed by a speech on the importance of the day. After the school’s  Programme, the students were taken to the general ground for  March-past and the Band display. A patriotic group dance was also performed by the class IV and V girls in the general ground in the Independence Day Celebration program. The details of the attendance in the programme  has been given below:

Students : 369 

Teachers : 12

Overall the programme was very effective to enhance the patriotic feelings among the students.

Parents Meet - VKV Yingkiong

A Parents meet for Class X students was conducted on 14/7/2018 at 3pm in the prayer hall to discuss the academic matter of the class X( Session 2018-19) students. Out of 26 students the parents of 20 students were present in the meeting  including two SSG members. The meeting was started with the three Ohmkars and  the Principal gave the welcome speech and purpose of the meeting. There was a power point presentation on the following details:-

  1. Performance of the Class X CBSE Examination 2018 of the previous years Class X batch whose result was 100% passed with the excellent performance of Kr. Gedum Lego securing highest 94.4% .
  2. The result analysis of Class IX AISSE 2018 of present class X batch of the session 2018-19 in which 7 students were district topper in the upper siang district.

3.Subject wise Target setting  by the students themselves with 100% first class for the next Class X CBSE 2019.

4.CBSE’s Remodel structure of Evaluation System  including Scholastic and co-scholastic areas.

After the introductory session there was a subject teacher’s view in which the subject teachers briefed about their planning and asked the cooperation from them.

There was no parents views but the two SSG members shared their views on behalf of parents as well as their personal views. The details of their views were as follows:

Sl. No

Name of SSG Members





Sri Tashi Nopi

*Congratulated to VKV Yingkiong for giving 100% result to the previous batch

*requested to maintain the spirit this year also

*Appealed all the parents to cooperate

*He said in general about the indiscipline students (if any) that the school will not be allowed to suffer  because of one or two such children. So parents need to take care






Sri Bading Teng (Ex-ZPM Yinkiong)

*Parents have more responsibilities as the children are staying with them more time than school.

*asked the parents to work for few months for their wards as these few months hard work will determine their future.

*Asked the teachers to discover easy method in teaching so that students understand quickly and easily. Teacher should continue their studies for updating knowledge.

*Parents should enquire every day whether they are studying or not.