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Eknathji Jayanti was celebrated on 18th November 2017 in the school campus in a befitting manner. The programme was conducted in the school’s morning assembly. Km. Tadar Nana and Kr.Agam Kabang  Teng of class –VIII briefed the significance of the day & life & work of Mananeeya Eknath Ranade.

In the light of the aforesaid celebration, a Swadhyaya  was also conducted in the Donyi Polo Gangging Yingkiong on the topic:-Life and work of Eknathji in Arunachal Pradesh and Vivekenanda Kendra.The students of Classes-VIII & IX were also taken for the same. The Swadhyaya was coordinated by Shri Bikram Chetry & Shri Nandalal Sharma.

Overall ,the programme was a grand success where the house present not only learnt about Eknathji  and Vivekananda Kendra but also shared their views upon  it.


The school has celebrated the children’s day in the school today on 14th November 2017.The programme was conducted in the school assembly.Shri M.K.Sarkar(Principal) briefed the life & worked of Pt.Jawahar Lal Nehru in the assembly. The importance of the day was told by two students in English and in Hindi  (Km.Aman Jamoh class-IX & Km.Siddhi Dey class-X).

 Indegeneous Faith Day - VKV Yingkiong

VKV Yingkiong  organised a School Level Traditional Dance Competition on the occasion of  Indegeneous Faith Day on 1st December 2017.The program was started at 1pm . Shri Darang Siboh ,Gen.Secretary of All Arunachal Abotani Nebo as well as the president of  Priest Society of Dony Polo Yelang Kebang Yingkiong and Shri Takong Mingki,Priest Donyi Polo Yelang Kebang Yingkiongwere the Judges of the competition.No. of participants groups were 6 out of which 2 were from Primary section clas iv & v and 4 groups were from vi to x. Sri Ajay Kumar Cluster In charge witness the program and also distributed the prizes to the winners.The details of the attendants were as follows:
Students : 120
parents : 20
Staff.   :10
Total :150

Sadgamaya Shibir @ VKV Yingkiong

The Sadgamaya Shibir 2017 has been conducted   on 4th & 5th October 2017 in the school. Total 44 students from 3 schools participated in the Shibir. The students of Class VII of VKV Yingkiong also participated. The Shibir was formally inaugurated at 9:00 am by the Chief Guest Smt Odi Komboh,Headmistress of Govt.Parsing Sec.School Yingkiong.

The important points shared by the Resource persons on the given topics were as follows:


Name of the resource persons


Important points of the lectures/Speech

Position held in the camp


Inaugural session

1Smti.Odi Kamboh



*Importance of Extra Curricular activity for personality development



Chief Guest of the Camp.


Session I


2.Shri-Rohit Chetry

Personality development

*Common factors such as discipline, punctuality, self confidence etc that contribute to develop personality.



Resource Person


Session II

3.i) Shri- Oyar Siboh

    ii)Su Oseng Taron

   iii)Su. Duyang Taron

Yoga & Meditation

*Loosening exercises, simple asanas, and Pranayam, Songs, Story, Games etc


Resource persons





Session III






3.Dr.Appir Apang

Health and hygiene & Personal Cleanliness.

Adolescence & Health etc.

Power point  presentation:

*Developing habit of Regular bath.

*Washing hands before and after meals

*To avoid open defecation.

*Problem of teenagers and solution.




Resource Person

Session  IV

4. Shri-Nandalal Sharma

Group Discussion

Life of Sister Nivedita

Resource Person


Session  V


Shri-Olom Nopi

Importance of Yoga in life

*Benefits of yoga and to make it the part of our life.



Resource Person


Session   VI

9.Shri-BulakeeRam Yadav & three Class VII boys

Science based project

Various chemical reactions with practical experiments

Resource person



Session   VII



10.Shri-Asim Chanda


Best out of waste

Activities such as making paper flowers, Designing of paper balls etc.



Resource person

Session VIII

10.Sri Bikesh Sahu, Shri Bikram Chetry.







Closing Ceremony

Shri-T.Dabi,Head Master. Govt Town Sec School Yingkiong.


*Discipline in student life.

*Avoiding the bad Habits.

*Obeying the Parents and teachers.

*Friendship with good person.


Chief Guest




The school has celebrated the Universal Brotherhood Day in befitting manner today. The programme was organised in the school assembly ground. A temporary shed was made on the assembly ground. The day started with cloudy weather  since early morning. All the teachers as well as the students reported the school at 7.30  am. The programme started with the arrival of chief guest Shri.Bading Teng ZPM Yingkiong. Following dignitaries were present on the occasion.

Invited as



Points Shared

Chief Guest

1.Shri  Bading Teng.


*Importance of the UB day

*Swamiji”s contribution to the world.

*School development.

*Parents expectation from VKV,Yingkong.

*About the result of CBSE class-X.


3.Shri.Tasi Nopi

SSG Member



4.Smti.Omiyang Boli

SSG Member


The programme started as per the VKV tradition. The welcome speech was delivered by Shri-Madan Kumar Sarkar, Principal VKV Yingkiong. The importance of the day was highlighted by Shri-Rohit Chetry, teacher, VKV Yingkiong. There were colourful traditional dances by the students of various classes .The action rhymes was performed by the children of class-KG to II . The Yoga demo was shown by the students of class- IV and V. The refreshment was provided to all the parents as well as the children present on the occasion. The programme concluded with vote of thanks from Shri-Nandalal Sharma, followed by Shanti  Mantra. Following are the details of the attendance.

Numbers of students

Number of parents and well-wishers