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School Visit To Swami Purshottam Ji, Sri. Rupesh Mathur  

Swami Purshottam Ji, Sri. Rupesh Mathur as well as some of our Alumni visited the premises of VKV, Ziro on 31st May, 2019 in the evening at 5.40 PM. They have all attended the “Bhajan Sandhya”. The Principal of VKV, Ziro welcomed the guests and gave a formal introduction. Thereafter Swami Ji and Rupesh Ji offered blessing to the students whose birthdays fallen on the month of May with chanting of “Swasthashu Mantra”.

After that Swamiji interacted with the students. He was very elated by the discipline of the students mentioning the alignment of their slippers outside, their entry in to prayer hall, their sitting, their involvement in chanting, etc. He appealed all the students to learn about the Swamiji’s power of concentration, focus, His curious nature and determination. He displayed fun based activities to express happiness using hands, which students liked very much. He said at times that

  • We should praise ourselves
  • Be busy and engaged
  • Aware of the duties and responsibilities as a student
  • Get rid of laziness
  • Respect parents, teachers (Chanted “Matru Devo Bhava …”) and elders, etc.

He narrated some motivational stories which gave lot of information regarding career avenues. He praised teachers as the builders of the nation. He has also described the avid nature of a teacher. He said all the great personalities evolved only because of the tremendous hard work of the dedicated teachers.

He expressed that students are very lucky enough to be a part of organizations like VKVs. He said that VKV is a place where students are given quality education along with moral values, whereas other schools only give the informative education on how to cram and secure high marks. He cited teachers as “Ocean of Knowledge”, which enables students to stand on their own feet and later on becomes the pride of the nation. Teachers have the capability to transform the society with changing pace.

There was a Staff Meeting also arranged with them at 7.30 PM. Swami Prushottam Ji shared his experience of running schools in remote areas of Gujarat. He specified the power of motivation and knowledge. Sri. Prem Norbu Thongchi, Special Secretary, Arunachal State Assembly and Sri. Gamso Bellai, Advocate, the Proud Alumni of VKVs have also shared their experiences. There have also mentioned about the care given by their teachers during their school days.

Sri. Sanjay Pandhya Ji gave some motivational tips for teachers that we should develop affinity with the students and try to know their strengths and weaknesses and change our conventional teaching with our experience. The programme was intended to instill positive attitude, discipline and develop the creative and innovative potential of young minds.


Parents Teachers Meet - VKV Ziro

A Parents-Teachers’ Meet was organized for the students of Class-V on 01.06.2019 [Saturday] at VKV, Ziro. A total of 28 students out of 34 took part in it along with their respective parents. The meeting started at 10:30 AM. The programme begun with the chanting of Three Omkaras followed by Eikya Mantra. Su Dipali Maya Chetri welcomed all the parents and students. All the subject teachers gave their self introduction.

The Principal, VKV Ziro introduced the parents about the changing pattern in the newly introduced board “Arun Board”. He stressed that parents should discourage tuition as it confuses the students and the teaching does not tally with the regular curriculum teaching done in the school. He said that students should always follow NCERT prescribed textbooks. Parents should be alert and vigil towards the education of students and regularly monitor their pace at frequent intervals. He urged parents to be in touch with the subject teachers as well as class teachers to know about their wards’ progress.

After that, parents were given an opportunity to raise queries which was later on clarified by the Principal. One of the parents enquired whether scope is provided for other competitive exams like Sainik School, JNV, etc. To this, Principal clarified that vivid opportunity is provided here for all the students for all sort of exams. He said that we strive for an ideal Teacher-Students Ratio (1:40) as per CBSE norms for the effective teaching. Parents are requested to fully support the authority for fruitful outcomes to occur in the days to come. Moreover, all subject teachers spoke to the parents regarding their plan for the students of class V for the current session. Lastly, the meeting was concluded with the chanting of Shanti Mantra.

A Brief Report on “Matri Puja”

Venue Assembly Hall of VKV, Ziro
Time 11.00 AM – 02.00 PM
Attendance 59 Students of Class-X, 59 Mothers and 14 Fathers
Program Coordination Class – IX Hostellers (Boys)
Coordinators Sri. Jai Prasad Jaishi and Smt. Hage Monya
Particulars of Program:
Mangalacharan Class – X Girls (Hostellers)
Welcome The Principal, VKV, Ziro
Significance of the Day Smt. Rita Raj, The Principal, VKV, Yazali
Conducted By Sri. Satya Narayan Pandey, Teacher, VKV, Yazali
Sharing from the Guest (Smt. Rita Didi):
- Mother - The first teacher
- She sacrifices everything for the welfare of her children
- Mother is the living God
- Shared the stories on mother
(a) Lord Ganesha gone around the Shiva-Parvati, when there was a competition between Ganesha and Subramanya for revolving around the world (means World=Parents; Parents=World)
(b) The mother who gave away her heart to son's ladylove (means that Mother will always show unconditional love)
- Be sensitive while behaving with mother; Understanding her is most important
Sharing from mothers:
- It is an unique program organised only in VKVs
- It is a good platform/moment for children to understand their parents
- The students get the blessings of their parents and teachers here
- Work hard to get good grades, which will give/help students to get going in their lives, will make the parents and teachers proud and will bring laurals to the institution
- Students should understand the pain taken by parents and teachers
- We parents keep supporting students, the teachers have completed their syllabi before time, now it is students' turn to perform and show
Sharing from students:
- Two students came forward and No significant sharing from them ..

Statehood Day Celebrations

The District Administration of Lower Subansiri District had organized the Statehood Day Celebrations on 20/02/2019 at DC Office Campus, Hapoli. The students from VKV, Ziro had also taken part in it. VKV, Ziro was entrusted with two programs viz.
   01. National Anthem                               - 12 Students from VI-VII
   02. Street Play on "Swachch Bharat"     - 06 Students of Class - IX
They were also awarded with Rs. 3000/- and Rs. 5000/- respectively by The HMLA, Er. Tage Takiji, Chief Guest for their neat and decent presentation. The prize money is deposited in SBI, Old Ziro and entered in cash book.

A Brief Report on “Swami Vivekananda Jayanti” Celebrations


Assembly Ground of VKV, Ziro (Stage was made locally involving hostellers)


10.30 AM – 12.15 PM


342 Students, 16 Non-Teaching Staff, 18 Staff & 20 Family Members of Staff (TOTAL = 396)

Program Coordination

The Principal & Staff

Chief Guest

Sri. Hibu Tama, Deputy Director of School Education, Ziro, Lower Subansiri District, Government of Arunachal Pradesh.

Felicitation of Guest

The Principal, VKV, Ziro

Particulars of Program:



Class – X Girls (Hostellers)

Welcome Song

Class – VII Girls (Hostellers)

Welcome and

Importance of the Day

The Principal, VKV, Ziro

Points Shared

-          Delivered Welcome Address

-          156th Anniversary of Swamiji Jayanti

-          Brief History of His Birth and His family background

-          Importance of Spirituality in shaping one’s life

-          Monastic Vows of Him at Antpur

-          His qualities – Patriotism, Zeal, Conviction, Determination, etc.

-          Purpose of Knowledge and its importance

-          Think locally; Act globally

-          Service and Renunciation

-          Vivekananda Kendra & its Motto of Service

Cultural Programs:

01. Group Song on Swamiji by Class-III-V Boys

02. Quotations of Swamiji shared by Class-IX Girls (Between different components of Programs                                    

02. Thematic Dance (Patriotic) by Class-VI-VIII Girls (Hostellers)

Key-Note Address by the Chief Guest

-          India is Jagat Guru due to the contribution of Swamiji

-          Youth must read Swamiji

-          Swamiji – A True Patriotic Monk

-          You are also responsible to keep up the spirit of nationalism

-          Shared about the Swamiji’s contributions to the wellbeing of youth

-          All must take Swamiji as Guru

Vote of Thanks

Sri. Sri Narayan Singh Yadav, Vice-Principal, VKV, Ziro

Shanti Mantra