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Universal Brotherhood Day Celebrated - VKV Ziro

Coordinator : Su. Chuni Khimhun, Teacher, VKV, Ziro

Chief Guest: Sri. Bamin Tarang, Extra Assistant Commissioner (EAC), Lower Subansiri District, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro

Guest-of-Honour:Er. Ramar Jokik, District Information and Public Relation Officer (DIPRO), Lower Subansiri District, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro

Guest Invitees: 

  1. Sri. Habung Pilya, Principal, Padi Lalyang Memorial School, Hapoli
  2. Sri. Rubu Tadii, Chairman, Ziro Valley School, Old Ziro
  3. Sri. Taru Abing, Chairman, Bumar Memorial School, Kiilya
  4. Sri. Rubu Lalyang, Principal, Hill Queen Educational Institution, Hapoli
  5. Sri. Rubu Ama, Principal, Royal Blue Pine Academy, Nenchalya

Points Shared: 

  • Delivered Welcome Address
  • 126th Year of Chicago Address on Universal Brotherhood Speech by Swamiji
  • Meaning of the Speech by Swami Vivekananda
  • Purpose of Speech by Swamiji (in the present context)
  • Importance of Spirituality in shaping one’s life
  • Purpose of Knowledge and its importance
  • Think locally; Act globally
  • Service and Renunciation
  • Vivekananda Kendra & its Motto of Service

Feel proud and privileged to have VKV Alumni as Chief Guest and Guest-of-Honour

Importance of the Day:Sri. Amarnath Sahani, Teacher, VKV, Ziro

Inauguration of Exhibition Halls:

There were four exhibitions organized. The exhibition stalls were inaugurated by the Chief Guest.

Exhibition – 01 on “Science and ATL Modules”

  • 32 Science Models
  • 18 ATL Designs including 3D Printer’s functioning

Exhibition – 02 on “Physical Education and Library Sciences”

  • 12 Models on dimensions of fields of various sports
  • 05 Models on Library Sciences

Exhibition – 03 on “Fun with Mathematics and Easy Learning of It”

  • 24 Models on various aspects of Mathematics
  • Exhibition – 04 on “The Power of Languages” (Exhibits were in poster forms in English, Hindi and Sanskrit)

    • Swamiji’s quotes
    • Articles on Incidences in Life of Swami Vivekananda
    • Story of Rock Memorial
    Vivekananda Kendra – Ek Parichay

Cultural Programs:

  1. Group Dance by Classes-II-III Girls
  2. Action Song by Classes-I-IV Students
  3. Skit on Impacts of Electronic Gadgets on One’s Life – Enacted by Hosteller Girls
  4. Traditional Dance by Class-X Girls

Keynote Address by

Guest-of-Honour,Er. Ramar Jokik, DIPRO, Ziro:

- Always feel humbled and elated to visit VKVs

- Narrated about the famous Chicago Address by Swami Vivekananda

- Shared about how was she shaped by VKVs in her school days

- VKVs strengthen one’s potentiality

- VKVs focus more on all-round development of students

- VKV students are always all-round performers

- Imbibe the feeling of brotherhoodness and oneness in VKVs

- VKVs never allow anyone to be isolated and aloof, which helped us to grow together

VKVs teach tolerance and universal acceptance

- Students must focus more on constructivism, which will lead them

- Take Prerana from Swamiji; Take Swamiji as role model and grow in your life

- She also requested the students to work hard and prove their abilities

- She wished all students a grand success in their final exams

Chief Guest Address by

Sri. Bamin Tarang, EAC, Ziro:

  • Feel proud to be a VKVian and Alumnus
  • Feeling moved with memoirs of my VKV days
  • It is one of the unifying events of VKVs to bring different sects of people together under one umbrella
  • Appreciate VKV, Ziro team for involving more of private schools in this program; It is an ideal example for brotherhood
  • Acknowledge the moldings done by VKVs
  • VKVs give ample opportunities to tap one’s abilities and potentialities
  • Requested students to make use of opportunities provided to them in maximum possible way
  • Emphasized the students to participate in activities and festivities of VKVs
  • What do we expect from parents?
  • Give freedom to teachers to correct your ward in correct perspective; do not interfere in their decisions
  • If your ward is mischievous, teachers will forgive and make him/her alright. If he/she is notorious with ill-behavior, no compromise
  • Do not disgrace the teacher’s reputation in front of your ward; which will, in turn, spoil the future of your child
  • Be supporter of a school and help the school authority to mold your child in better possible way
  • Gain of knowledge is possible only when there are regards and respect for teachers with you all
  • Students have taken great efforts to prepare various models and modules, which are exhibited in exhibition halls
  • Students from other schools have to make use of the benefits
  • Team Ziro has won the Best Exhibition Stall in Independence Day celebrations at Hapoli; they deserve a great round of applause
  • Keep participating like these and march forward
  • Take motivation from the words of Swamiji

All the best for students for their future endeavors

Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations - VKV Ziro

Puja Proceedings

·         Invocation

·         Welcome Address

·         Importance of the Day

-          Birth of Sri Krishna

-          How was He escaped from jail to Gokulam?

-          Briefing on Sree Krishna Leela

·         Bhajans by Students on Sri Krishna

-          02 Bhajans by Girls

-          02 Bhajans by Boys

·         Dance Presentation on Radhe Krishna

-          Students of Class-IV performed

·         Aashirvachan by Sri. Laxman Meshram

-          Celebration unites people

-          Culture is the identity of India

-          India is the land of festivals

-          Sri Krishna – Happiness/Good health/Peace

·         Prasad Distribution

·          Shanti Mantra

Parents Meet Conducted - VKV Ziro

  • Attendance

    39 Parents / 39 Students (All Parents reported)

    Discussion Points

    ·         Invocation

    ·         Welcome Address

    ·         Purpose of the meeting

    -          CBSE Rules & Regulations

    -          New Exam Pattern

    -          Our Academic Plans for the Session – Subject-wise

    ·         Sharing on activities of the school

    ·         New Exam Pattern

    -          Internal Assessment

    -          External Assessment

    -          Mathematics – Standard/Basic Exams

    ·         Performance Analysis of students on Periodic Test – I

    ·         Targets Set and Methods to achieve

    ·         Our Academic Plans

    -          Syllabus Completion

    -          Exam Plans

    ·         What do we expect from students

    ·         What do we expect from parents

    ·         Sharing  with Parents on Exam Procedures and CBSE Procedures

    ·         Vivekananda Kendra – An Introduction

    -          Vivekananda Rock Memorial – briefed the story

    -          Vivekananda Kendra – Why?

    -          Maa. Eknath Ranade – His life and Mission

    -          VKVs in Arunachal – How did take birth?

    ·         ‘Ek Bharat; Vijayi Bharat’

    -          50 Years of Glory in the Mid-sea

    ·         Prasad Distribution of Sri Krishna Janmashtami

    ·          Shanti Mantra

Independence Day Clebrated - VKV Ziro

VKV, Ziro has celebrated 73rd Independence Day with lots of enthusiasm, pomp and gaiety with the national fervour. The Tricolour was unfurled at 6.30 AM in the school premises followed with a brief deliberation on the meaning of Freedom by the Principal. The team of Band Troupe, March Past contingents along with Science Exhibition Participants escorted by teaching and non-teaching staff left for Padi Yubbe Subansiri General Stadium, Hapoli for further participation in the District Head Quarter celebrations. There was National Anthem presented by the students of VKV, Ziro, both by vocal and through band. There was also 25 minutes of band display by the hosteller girls of VKV, Ziro in front of the thronging public in the stadium. The hosteller boys had perfected their role in the March Past. After the Independence Day speech delivered by the Chief Guest, Hon’ble Minister Er. Tage Taki, Minister for Agriculture, Horticulture, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, the Exhibition Stalls were inaugurated by him. There were totally 14 stalls including two from VKV, Ziro, in which we exhibited the Science Models prepared by the students of Classes-VI-X. We exhibited 32 different models, of which 27 were working models.

The main components like

  • A 6 feet tableau on dianosaur
  • Chocolate vending machine
  • Mountain trolleys
  • Water harvesting mechanisms
  • Water conservation
  • Land management
  • Eco-friendly cultivation
  • Solar system, etc.

were main attractions among the public and students. More of that, there were exhibits on probes and vehicles of Chandrayaan-I and Chandrayaan-II pulled the crowd.

The glories earned by the students of VKV, Ziro are

  • Special Prize for Band Display
  • Appreciation Prize for March Past Troupe
  • Best Stall Prize for Exhibition Stall among all

The tireless efforts taken by the students and staff have not only stolen the show but also won the hearts of the public. The complete programs were witnessed by dignitaries, public leaders, HODs of all departments, personals from CRPF, APP, ITBP, BRO, etc., students and teaching faculties of different schools, Gaon Buras and Gaon Buris of Ziro Plateau and members of all sections of communities, etc. We were fortunate enough to have Sri. S. Muralidharan Ji, Education Officer, VKVAPT, Dibrugarh along with us throughout the celebrations from the beginning to the end. The awesome experience from the celebrations has given us extra bit of energy to do more in the years to come

Raksha Bhandan Celebrated - VKV Ziro


Program Coordination

Kum. Dipali Maya Chetri


Kr. Joram Temin, Class – X (Hosteller)

Particulars of Program:



Class – V Girls (Hostellers)


The Principal, VKV, Ziro

Tying of Rakhi to Lamp

Smt. Wawatsi Kri, Principal, KV, Ziro

Significance of the Day

Sri. M. Kameshwaran, Teacher, VKV, Ziro

Points Shared

-          Krishna and Draupati Incident


-          Brotherhood and the duties of brothers

Guest Observers

Smt. Wawatsi Kri, Principal, KV, Ziro

Sri. S. Muralidharan, EO, VKVAPT

Sri. Kishore Kumar Verma, Music Teacher, KV, Ziro



Prize Distribution

Patriotic Song Competition

-          First Prize – Class-VIII

-          Second Prize – Class-IV

-          Third Prize – Class-I & II

Rakhi Making Competition

-          First Prize – Sarada Hostel

-          Second Prize – Shambavi Hostel

Prasad Distribution

Students of Class – VII (Hostellers – Boys)