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Matri Puja Conducted - VkV Ziro

Chief Guest:
Smt. Ramar Jokik, DIPRO, Lower Subansiri District, Government of Arunachal Pradesh.

Puja was performed as per the guidelines.

Chief Guest's Address:

A. Mother is everything for any creature. Mother is Godly for Indians, because mother is irreplaceable to any child in our nation.

B. Mother cares her child with profound love and joy irrespective of all odds, she faces.

C. Everyone must perform 'Padhapuja' for mother to understand her devotion and dedication by observing her foots.

D. Qualities of a Happy Mother:

1. She will release the inner critic
2. She will never compare you with anybody
3. She will take care of yourself
4. She will have unconditional love for her child
5. She will be able to release your stress
6. She will communicate with you responsibly and patiently.
7. She will become one with her child
8. She will encourage you always
10. She will not press her desire on her children

E. Sharings for students:

1. Your mother is the best person to you
2. Read more
3. Be a taciturn personality while preparing for exams
3. Sow the seeds of knowledge in you and gain the fruits of future from them